Black Tourmaline

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This small Black Tourmaline is ideal to have in your space, it is a stone sought for its energetic benefits for the person or space where you usually are, because it helps to absorb and transform the energies of your space.

The colors of the stones and crystals inform a lot about the potential and trends of each material, and in this case the same can be said about the black tourmaline.

All colors can be measured at wavelengths. And each color has its own. For example: When we see an object of yellow color it means that of all wavelengths of all colors, yellow is the color that is reflected. In other words, what the object cannot absorb is what it shows us as its color.

Black color absorbs all colors while white reflects all colors.

White is therefore ideal for reflecting the energies that circulate and black has the ability to absorb and transform them.

For those who start to develop their spirituality it is best to start with translucent or white crystals, and colors other than black.

Characteristics and Use of Stone / Crystal

This stone helps to absorb part of the density of the energies that circulate in your space. It works best, the better the degree of understanding (awareness) of the people who live in your home. By choosing to absorb, you will have the opportunity to later transform and clarify these energies. However, this can only be done by those who have mastery under their own energies and under their system.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel clear to do so, it is best to opt for stones and crystals, translucent or of another color.

Black is therefore a good color for those who already have understanding, for those who can be everything and at the same time be nothing. It is a very special stone that has a great connection with the cosmos and the unconditional.

What to do if you have less experience?

If you take good care of the Tourmaline, cleaning and energizing the stone once a month, you will definitely see benefits in having this stone in your space. For energetic cleaning of the stone you can use plain salt and to energize choose to put it in contact with the lunar light on a night with a full moon.

The unconditional black character of this stone will absorb more dense energies in your space and if you treat it well you will feel less heavy, either in yourself and also your home or space. It is very important that you treat these denser energies with love instead of receiving them with fear or reaction.

Don't believe the fears that some people try to instill and the conversation about "protection". Receive what exists with love and you will see that your life will become very weightless.

Dimensions and weight

This is a rough/raw black tourmaline.
Despite being small it is too big to use as a pocket tourmaline.
Variable dimensions.

Weight 50 to 60 grams (1.75 to 2.10 oz)

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