White Sage Torch

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Excellent to bring clarity to the energies of the space where you live or work, the burning of Clary Sage is ideal to appease and bring a feeling of tranquility. By itself it is able to calm the conflict that may be present in the surrounding energies.

If you understand that all the energies that are in conflict can be helped, when you light a torch of white sage or when you light a holy stick, try to create clarity for them. Much better than protecting yourself is contributing to a more enlightened space, not supported by fear or the idea that you have to protect yourself.

Try to help instead of protecting yourself and you will see that your space will be much more harmonious, and you will learn a thing or two in the process.

How to Use: Light the torch tip and burn for a few moments. You can light and re-light the torch several times as needed.

Net weight: 55 to 70g (1.94 to 2.47 oz)
Length: 18 to 19cm (7 to 7.5 inches)

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