Saco Saca Pão · 8,65 €

Saco Saca Pão

8,65 €

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Main benefits of Saco Saca Pão

  • It is produced in Portugal and not India or China;
  • A bread or grocery bag doesn't have to be just raw cloth! It can be fun and joyful!
  • We do not exploit our seamstresses;
  • Does not contain spandex, polyester, polypropylene or any other petroleum derivative;
  • Contains at least 95% organic fiber;
  • It has not contaminated the water with toxic substances such as bleach, formaldehyde (considered a carcinogen) or other toxic compounds. Unlike most fabrics we normally buy;
  • It was colored with non-toxic colors;
  • Has GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificate;
  • We are always having new patterns!

Replaces plastic bags in the bakery and on trips to the grocery store.

Use to pick up bread, bring fruits and vegetables or other foodstuffs in bulk.

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