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Titanium Quartz

11,38 €

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Titanium Quartz is a generally translucent or white quartz that is given a layer of titanium and other metallic oxides. And while Quartz is found in nature, this titanium finish is man-made.

How? It is done by placing Quartz in a chamber where Titanium and other metal oxides are vaporized and adhere to the stone / crystal, creating this effect.

For those who are suspicious of the use of stones / crystals or for those looking for miraculous solutions, for both it is important to understand something. Stones are elements that enhance our will, they are not to be seen as medicine. They are to be seen for what they are: elements that help and support our intentions. After all, we have all experienced environments that are conducive and others less conducive. The stones and crystals help to create this environment, according to the stone and according to our intention / direction.

It is therefore important to realize that the action comes from us. If we don't want to transform something, if we don't want to see, if we delay for tomorrow and don't do what is necessary to improve, nothing will happen.

This stone is ideal for those, already understanding what was said earlier, looking to feel more energy throughout the day and for those looking to increase their focus on a project or moment. It is also a stone that works on the feeling of wealth or lack thereof. The feeling of abundance and the realization of what abundance really is, including but also beyond money.

It is a stone that helps to recognize in us the beauty we see in others.

Affinity: It has affinity with all signs.
Variable dimensions: 25mm to 55mm (0.98" to 2.16")
Approximate weight: 50g (1.76 oz)

The affinity of crystals/stones with the signs just means that there is potentially more reverberation between them. But it shouldn't be the reason to look for another stone if it seems right for you, regardless of your astrological sign.

We can choose, but you can also choose exactly what Crystal/Stone you want.

To do that you can talk to us ❯ via Whatsapp to make a video call and show you the items we have (depending on our availability). This way you can specifically choose which one you want before it is sent to you.

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