Crystal Tip Transparent Quartz

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The laminated quartz crystal tip is a special stone. It works well when fixed in a place, a little like the images of the saints on an altar. It is a stone that promotes clarity and helps to create direction when meditating.

For this reason it is a good stone to have nearby in front of you on a shelf or on a low piece of furniture. The stone evokes the search for clarity without effort, without struggle, without drama. The stone itself shows that clarity is accessible to everyone without mental movement.

It is a good stone for anyone who is understanding or has already understood that there is no trip to our interior. Because there is no such distance. Our identification with the mind creates the perception of distance, but in reality it does not exist. For this reason, there is no displacement, only realisation.

Affinity: Affinity with all signs.
Approximate height:
7 cm to 8 cm (2.75" to 3.15" inches)
Base: 2 cm to 2.5 cm (0.78" to 0.98" inches)
Weight: 40 g to 65 g (1.41 oz to 2.29 oz)

The affinity of crystals/stones with the signs just means that there is potentially more reverberation between them. But it shouldn't be the reason to look for another stone if it seems right for you, regardless of your astrological sign.

We can choose, but you can also choose exactly what Crystal/Stone you want.

To do that you can talk to us ❯ via Whatsapp to make a video call and show you the items we have (depending on our availability). This way you can specifically choose which one you want before it is sent to you.

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