On Guard Softgels

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Main Benefits

  • Promotes a healthy immune and respiratory system;
  • Contributes to better deal with allergies;
  • Promotes the body's natural antioxidant defences;
  • Contributes to good blood circulation.

The On Guard Softgels natural capsules combine the On Guard protective blend with Black Pepper, Oregano and Melissa essential oils to give you even more benefits for your immune system.

On Guard in capsules is an excellent way to strengthen the immune system and an excellent addition to a healthy diet. It is ideal for days when you feel you are getting a cold or feel that your immune system is in need of extra help.

Each package has 60 capsules.

Main Ingredients and Their Benefits

Contains essential oils from:

Orange Peel - Contributes to better deal with allergies;
Clove - Promotes a healthy immune system;
Black Pepper Seed- Contributes to good blood circulation;
Bark and Cinnamon Leaf- Promotes a healthy immune system;
Eucalyptus Leaf- Promotes a healthy respiratory system;
Oregano Leaf- Promotes an immune system;
Flower and Rosemary Leaf- Can contribute to a healthy digestive system;
Melissa - Promotes a healthy immune system.

Other ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, corn starch, glycerin, carrageenan, maltitol and purified water.

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