Organic Maqui Berry Powder

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Main Benefits

  • One of the highest foods on the ORAC index;
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits;
  • Contributes to a healthy body and relieves pain from inflammation due to oxidative stress.

The Maqui Berry also called Chilean wineberry is a super nutritious berry with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits from Patagonia.

Native from Chile and Argentina these berries have always been consumed by local tribes and are a symbol of strength, vitality and health. Even at that time, the beneficial effects of these dark violet berries were recognized.

In the ORAC index (acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) these berries occupy an important place next to others fruits and nuts, and as such may prove to be a good addition to your diet, increasing your cellular protection from oxidation.

According to studies carried out so far, it is advisable to eat between 5 to 7 pieces of fruit, berries and nuts a day (the equivalent of 3500 units to about 5500 units of ORAC daily).

There are several studies underway that indicate that eating foods with high ORAC indexes such as this berry may help to prevent diseases such as cancer, help reduce cholesterol and protect cells from degenerative oxidation that helps to create the majority of today's diseases. It is important to note that in diseases that do not come from outside invasion, viruses, diseases that result from within, autoimmune or other factors, the mental and emotional state plays a large part of the cause.

Although science has not reached this point because we are talking about the subtle (mind and emotions) it is important to remember for those who are not yet aware that many of our health problems are created in two ways, which as a general rule combine. Number 1 - Very unhealthy diet (lack of access to essential nutrients), Number 2 - Poor management of the mind and emotions. If you want to know more talk to us on our Wellbeing Appointment.


250 g (8.8 oz)

How to Use?

Take up to 3 teaspoons a day.

Mix with water and take or, if you prefer, make a fruit shake.
A simple shake with water or vegetable milk (almond, oats, arrow, spelled, etc.) and a piece of fruit. Don't complicate it, it is ideal not to add too many foods as it facilitates the digestion and absorption of Maqui's nutrients.

Scientific Name

Aristotelia chilensis

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