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Do you have children in your home and you're looking to give them the benefits of using dōTERRA essential oils? With the dōTERRA Kids Collection you can easily apply the oils to the little ones around the house. The oils are ready to use so you won't have to make dilutions.

This set was designed specifically for children promoting a healthy mind, emotions and body. The kit contains 7 essential oil blends so you can have a tool capable of acting on the entire body.

The use of these special oils is a powerful benefit for your children while being gentle on more sensitive skin.

The Kit Includes

  • A practical case to put the oils and always have them with you for any type of application;
  • Colored cards with instructions to be able to present the oils to your children in a fun and instructive way;
  • 7 colored caps with a carabiner to put on each essential oil if you want to carry them on you.

7 Essential Oils

The Kit includes 7 brand new Essential Oils made specifically for children and their needs.

Thinker - Ideal for when your child needs concentration and to be more focused. Apply to the temples, wrists and the nape of the neck to bring greater clarity. Find out more here.

Calmer - For a calm night, nothing better than applying Calmer Oil Blend to your child. Apply to wrists and neck. Find out more here.

Tamer - Good to use when your child has motion sickness, it helps to calm gastric discomfort and can be inhaled or applied directly to the skin. Find out more here.

Stronger - When you feel your child is low on energy or getting sick apply it to your hands, knees and feet. Find out more here.

Rescuer - After a busy day apply it on your child's hands, legs and shoulders to relax their muscles and regain energy. Find out more here.

Steady - To relieve symptoms of anxiety or restlessness apply to the nape and soles of your feet. Find out more here.

Brave - To give courage on days when you try a new activity or start school again. Apply to the neck, belly and soles of your children. Find out more here.

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