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Ecoegg benefits

  • It is free of harsh chemicals for your clothes and the environment;
  • It is dermatologically tested and approved by the English agency AllergyUK as being suitable for people with sensitive skin;
  • It is excellent for the environment as it is 100% ecological;
  • It is cheaper than buying conventional detergent and fabric softener;
  • Works on all types of machines, put the laundry in the machine drum together with the egg;
  • You can use the egg in washing cycles up to 60º C .

Do you want to replace the detergent and fabric softener you use in your washing machine with an ecological and efficient one?

Ecoegg is an ecological solution for your clothes, replacing detergent and fabric softener at the same time. This cleaning solution includes an egg into which 2 types of spheres are inserted, included in the package. One type of mineral spheres removes dirt and thoroughly cleans your clothes, the other gives your clothes a natural aroma and clean smell.

With this solution you will have your clothes cleaned for 70 washes! And what does that mean? It means you have a product to wash your clothes for 6 months! Now compare how long your conventional laundry detergent lasts and do the math and see how much you save in your wallet.

Includes Egg and spheres for up to 70 washes.

Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom or Free Fragrance?

If you have very sensitive skin and are already allergic to conventional detergents then Ecoegg Free Fragrance is ideal for you. It is recommended by Allergy UK as being ideal for allergy sufferers and for washing babies clothes.

Otherwise, you can opt for the very pleasant fragrances of Fresh Linen or Spring Blossom.

Ideal for up to 5 kg of clothing.
If you have a bigger machine and often put more than 5 kg of laundry to clean, please use 2 Ecoegg.

The Egg is made of plastic and has a 10 years guarantee.
So it does not contribute to the astronomical expense of packaging and plastic items to be discarded every day.


You can, if you wish, continue to use your traditional fabric softener but our advice is to add a few drops of Melaleuca or Lavender essential oil. Essential oils, especially Melaleuca, are excellent anti-bacterial solutions and give your clothes an extra pleasant smell. Replacing the artificial flavors of ordinary fabric softeners.


This product is not tested on animals.
Product considered suitable for allergic people (Free Fragrance)
10 Year Guarantee on Egg
British Innovation Award

    eco-allergy certification anti-allergic ecological detergent

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