Biork Potassium Alum Stone Deodorant · 13,90 €

Biork Potassium Alum Stone Deodorant

13,90 €

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Biork is a 100% natural deodorant that includes potassium alum stone in a Portuguese cork packaging. It is an excellent ecological and sustainable option, does not contain aluminum chloride or parabens, does not use alcohol, has not been tested on animals and does not contain plastic.

More important aspects of Biork? Unlike the aluminum chlorides used in most deodorants, the alum crystal remains on the skin's surface and has an antibacterial effect without penetrating the skin.

Because the packaging is made of 100% natural Portuguese cork, buying this deodorant also helps to keep the Alentejo plain. Since at this time the cork oak competes with synthetic alternatives called "plastic cork" that not only contributes to more pollution, but also withdraws investment from this picturesque portuguese region.


  • Ecological and sustainable
  • Acts all day leaving your armpits clean
  • Without aluminum chloride
  • Without parabens
  • It is not tested on animals
  • It is dermatologically tested
  • Outer paper - label - is recycled paper
  • It lasts an average of 2 years so it is very economical
  • Odorless

How to use my Biork?

Moisten the alum stone before use and apply for about 30 seconds to each armpit. Because its a natural product the application takes slightly longer than an artificial product.

If you've just got out of the shower, you can apply directly using the moisture on the skin before drying.


How do I know that my alum stone is natural?

The natural alum stones have irregularities, this is how it is with the Biork stone that is 100% Natural.

Can I recycle after the product's lifetime?

You can compost the cork packaging or you can burn it in the fireplace.

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