iCare Menstrual Cup · 12,90 €

iCare Menstrual Cup

12,90 €

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This is an ecological alternative and by the way more hygienic than traditional feminine sanitary towels and tampons. It is hypoallergenic made from surgical silicone, with an anti-leakage rim, that is, it allows for a menstrual period without leakage or odors.

The iCare menstrual cup is suitable for light to abundant flow, can be used up to 12 hours in a row and is easy to place. The cup also has marking up to 15ml, if you want to measure the amount of flow. However, the total capacity of the glass is up to 25ml.

The menstrual cups we sell are all colorless to avoid contact with synthetic dyes.


This cup is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, contains no latex and is made from transparent surgical silicone without pigment.

Hygiene and Placement

After you have purchased your iCare Menstrual Cup, and between periods, you must maintain and sanitize it properly.

- Take the cup and wash it with a natural soap preferably;
- Then place the cup to be sterilized in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes;
- Let it cool and when it is at body temperature is ready to use. Then follow the instructions in the manual that follows inside the packaging. To find out how the process works beforehand, we made this illustrative image.

Choose the Right Size

Size 1 - It is recommended for women up to 25 years old;
Size 2 - It is recommended for women who have already had a natural child and for women over the age of 25.

Product life

The menstrual cup has a product life of 5 years, after which, for safety, you should change it. After all, it will be used several times, it will often be boiled and to ensure that there is no degradation the use should be limited to 5 years.

Just as a curiosity you should know that in 5 years using the menstrual cup you will save an average of 140$, counting 3 pads a day for 4 days of menstruation. But the bigger savings are for the environment no question.


Standard ISO 14001:2004 and UKAS - United Kingdom Accreditation Service
It is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA and has been tested by SGS.

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