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CPTG Console Touch

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Console Touch is suggested for Wellbeing

dōTERRA Console Touch Essential Oil was created to help us in times of loss, it is an oil that brings the benefits of botanical floral and tree extracts, resins and other earth elements to help us to anchor our energies.

This essential oil promotes emotions of understanding in times of mourning. As we know, death is part of life and unfortunately it is a taboo subject because of our fear. Something as universal as death should be seen for what it is: the moment when our time is up.

Living knowing that we will die someday, not only theoretically, but feeling this reality deeply can only make us see how grateful we can be and how useful we can make our time on this planet. The universality of death is also a teacher, after all, the greatest billionaire in the world will die, just like each one of us regardless of gender, species or other, human beings, animals, plants. Everything has a timing. Understanding this is an opportunity we see when dealing with the loss of someone close to us.

During this grieving process it is important to let yourself feel, without retractions.

Equally important is to take this moment and ask ourselves what do we want to make this life about.

10ml direct application roll-on.

Main Benefits

- Its an oil with elements of mother earth that will help to comfort in this moment;
- Promotes the expression of your feelings, without repression while enabling your understanding of death.

How to Use?

- Apply in the heart area in circular movements in a clockwise direction;
- Apply on the shoulders to relieve potential tension you feel;
- Take deep inhalations by applying in the center of the hands and inhaling deeply (do a shell with your hands);
- Roll Console touch on the temples and throat to motivate a healthy expression of the loss.


dōTERRA Touch oils are oils that combine doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil with some essential oil (sometimes a blend of oils) in particular. They are very practical to use since some essential oils have to be diluted. Unlike a pure essential oil, Touch oils are ready to apply directly to the skin through a convenient roll-on.


console doterra oil

console touch doterra

Understanding dōTERRA's essential oils application.


Combinação de óleos essenciais de Franquincenso, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sândalo, Rosa e Osmanthus em Óleo de Côco Fracionado.


How to use?
Can be used aromatically Can be used aromatically
Can be used topically Can be used topically
Skin use
Can be used pure with no dilution Can be used pure with no dilution

Understanding dōTERRA's essential oils application.


10 ml direct-application roll-on.

console luto perda óleo essencial doterra

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