Wellbeing Appointment

This is not a common consultation so I am not going to talk about diagnoses, I am not going to talk about taking medications and your monitoring will not only be psychological. There is much more to this.

If you don't know how to deal with your emotions and mind and know that you need help talk to me. If you've tried several types of conventional support and it didn't work, talk to me. If you've ever tried "alternative" or "holistic" and it didn't work, you guessed it, talk to me!

Know this first: Transformation is only possible with your dedication.

If you want a very conventional example, when your body has some health issue, even if you're taking a medication it is the body that heals , sure that it heals with help of the medicine but the healing process is done by your body and not by the medicine.

If you are looking to be more conscious, with clarity to see reality as it is, then start taking the first step with this consultation. The action is yours but I help to draw a direction, clarifying misunderstandings and distorted associations, showing patterns and processes that exist within and that do not allow you to access a different life. A more conscious life.

How does it work?

  • The consultation has a maximum duration of 1 hour.
  • We will make the consultation through video, be it Skype , WhatsApp , Messenger , Zoom , etc. Whatever is best for you.
  • It is important to have questions to ask. It is important because this way you start your process of sharing with me, but you also practice looking for knowledge. (Optional)

You will not need therapy because you are not sick.
You will start to understand, you will start to become more aware.
And this transformation will bring well-being, understanding and gratitude .

Shall we start?

Some topics that we can talk about according to what is needed at the moment

- Patterns
- Food
- Energy
- Mind and Emotions
- Communication
- Expectations
- Fear
- among many others.

How much does it cost?

20 € for consultation

Why do you charge?

Because that is the only way for people to commit with me. If you pay you will want to have the consultation, it will be on time, you will not forget. If I do not charge anything, unfortunately, even if unconsciously, most people will end up leaving it for later, it ends up slipping, it doesn't have to be today ... etc.

Andre Borges

"Estar em paz é entender que só nós é que nos podemos criar sofrimento."

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