Lemon Essential Oil

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The dōTERRA Lemon Essential Oil has several uses and benefits. It is cold pressed from the lemon peels in order to preserve its delicate nature and its intense properties.

Lemon is an excellent air and surface purifier. So this oil will have many uses in your home. You can add it to your cooking, especially in desserts where it is delicious!

Taken internally, a drop in 120ml(4 oz) of water, lemon essential oil is excellent for helping with digestion and improving the functioning of the respiratory system for its cleansing properties.

15ml bottle.

Main Benefits

- Cleans and purifies the air and surfaces;
- The use of oil internally naturally cleanses the body and aids digestion;
- When taken internally it promotes a healthy functioning of the respiratory system;
- It has an energizing aroma.

How to Use?

- Cleans and purifies the air and surfaces - in a spray bottle put 3 to 4 drops of oil and mix with water, here is an excellent natural product to clean surfaces at home;
- Cleans the body naturally and aids in digestion;
- Supports healthy respiratory function;
- Take internally - 1 drop in 120ml (4oz) of water - to relieve seasonal respiratory discomfort.


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Scientific Name

Citrus limon


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