Óleo de Coco Fracionado ou Óleo de Coco normal (virgem)?

Fractionated Coconut Oil or Normal Coconut Oil (Virgin)?

Fractionated Coconut Oil or Normal Coconut Oil (Virgin)?

Fractionated Coconut Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil? That's the question.

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With the use of essential oils it will be natural to hear more and more about Fractionated Coconut Oil, but for most people "Fractionated" creates strangeness. Because it can cause some confusion we explain!

How is Fractionated Coconut Oil produced?

Fractionated Coconut Oil is Virgin Coconut Oil after distillation. This distillation process allows the long-chain fatty acids to separate and solidify for removal. The repetition of this process is called fractionation. The process by which the oil is progressively fractionated until it is free of these "heavier" fats.

The fractionation of an oil is possible due to different melting points of the various fats. The various melting points are found, allowed to cool and the now solidified fat is removed. The solid part of the oil is then separated from the liquid part in a process that can take several hours to complete.

So what is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Fractionated Coconut Oil is what is left over from this separation / fractionation. It is presented as a translucent, odorless, very light oil that does not clog the skin pores when applied, unlike virgin, allowing the oil to go deeper into the epidermis.

This oil still maintains its nutritional benefits, with medium chain fatty acids and essential nutrients in this new liquid form, even in cold temperatures and with a extended shelf life compared to virgin.

Fractionated Coconut Oil vs Virgin Coconut Oil: The characteristics of each one

The Virgin Coconut Oil

  • is solid at lower ambient temperatures, which makes it too heavy to be used as a facial oil.
  • it is less processed, so it keeps lauric acid and other long-chain fatty acids, but can clog pores after cooling.

The Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • remains in liquid form, even at lower temperatures.
  • is less likely to clog pores or cause skin rashes.
  • is more easily absorbed by the skin.

The loss of lauric acid in fractionated oil

It is a fact. This fatty acid is lost in the fractionation process and scientific studies have said that this acid has several benefits. Among them they help in weight loss, restore the health of damaged or dry skin (for example psoriasis) or prevent and treat skin affected by fungi as it has an antibacterial action. While its effects on cholesterol are still to be proven.

However lauric acid is only one of the many components of the oil, so for the time being studies have not been able to determine how much of these effects could be attributed solely to this acid.

As in everything in Nature, although science specializes in isolating, it is in the combination of the parts that the effect is found. So isolating this acid and saying that it is responsible for all these benefits would be wrong. When in nature everything is enhanced by these combinations.


On the one hand, qualities are lost but others are gained. If Virgin Oil has long-chain fatty acids (eg Lauric Acid) on the other hand it tends to be more difficult to absorb through the skin. On the other hand, we have Fractioned Oil, which is more versatile in its use, deeply moisturizes the skin and does not clog the pores, however it does not have the benefits of lauric acid.

One thing is certain, both are deeply moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Both are naturally processed (extracted without using chemicals), so they still contain many essential nutrients for your skin.

Now you know, depending on what you're looking for, accordingly you can choose the right coconut oil!

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