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We demystify: Is the price of dōTERRA Essential Oils expensive?

We demystify: Is the price of dōTERRA Essential Oils expensive?

are doterra essential oils expensive?

It is natural to see in several comments on social networks some people say that the dōTERRA essential oils have a very high price. It is also said that there are cheaper alternatives, and much cheaper by the way.

In this article we will try to show you the differences between what is an excellent essential oil and other "alternatives".

Some say that the price of dōTERRA is expensive, some say it is cheap or just fair.

To begin with, the perception that something is expensive is a fact. Given your financial availability, something may be more expensive for you than another cheaper alternative. Expensive or cheap, these are concepts that only exist by comparing two things and always refer to their financial availability. So facts are facts and nobody can ever tell you otherwise!


But do you want to buy a quality product? Or do you want to buy a cheap product? These are very different questions! With very different intentions too.

Your only question should be "Do I have a way of investing now to have a better quality product that will do me good?".

If so, we will show you why to choose dōTERRA products.

But to start, let us ask you the following:
How much do you value your well-being and the oil production process, from growing the plant to your home?

The price of an essential oil dōTERRA covers many factors. The price is based on the quality of the product and its ingredients, the production process (especially if made in a sustainable way), both for the farming communities that produce locally and for the way in which plants and fruits are harvested all over the world.

How many brands of essential oils do you know where that brand has attention and dedication in the entire process, from selection, to extraction, to production, to laboratory testing, to the potency and effectiveness of essential oil?

We guarantee that you will certainly not find many! Be aware that with other essential oils, many of its ingredients come from countries where there is human exploitation, or manipulation of the content or purity of the ingredients needed to produce the oil. Resulting in oils with much lower potency and concentration levels and therefore very dubious therapeutic results.

In addition, a company the size of dōTERRA has the opportunity to travel and inspect the places of cultivation and collection directly at the source, whether in Guatemala or Indonesia. A smaller company that dedicates itself to selling products or making mixtures of oils often does not have full access to the exact roadmap of what arrives. Nor can it confirm on the ground the veracity of what is transmitted to it. The same does not happen with dōTERRA.

healing hands doterra

We begin to understand why much more than the final price is at stake.

It is like that for everyone, a store or brand when it makes its oils available usually indicates the quantities to be used for different types of application.

In several cheaper brands it is common to see the suggestion of using the oil and we see that they sometimes indicate 3 to 5 drops for common uses, whether topical or aromatic! So much oil to produce effects? 3 to 5 drops is a lot, as a general rule, but these brands recommend so much oil because they know that their oil's potency is weak.

With dōTERRA oil, 1 to 2 drops are generally recommended, depending on the type of use. And this is because the degree of purity of the oil is very high and of quality, so little quantity is sufficient.

Firstly, a dōTERRA oil will last much longer than a cheaper oil from another brand and secondly it is the healthiest option for you who wants the best for yourself and your family.

Credits to Forest Starr & Kim Starr

Because in terms of quality ...

The cultivation process precedes the production of the oil and as we know many species of plants and trees from which the oils are extracted are native to certain continents and provinces. On this basis dōTERRA has several partnerships with several producers spread all over the world for cultivation and sustainable production in places native to the plants and species it uses in its essential oils.

We are going to give you a very practical example here that we had the opportunity to see in some stores, which we will not mention here but are the same ones that sell the so called "cheaper essential oils".

The plant species Amyris balsamifera is nicknamed Sandalwood Amyris or Sandalwood. But in fact if we look carefully, it is a title that does not belong to it. For in fact it is not the real Sandalwood. From a botanical observation, Amyris balsamifera belongs to the family of Rutaceae, therefore nothing has to do with the Sandalwood tree that belongs to the Santalaceae family.

The oil of Amyris (mistakenly nicknamed Sandalwood Oil) and true Sandalwood oil are predominantly different in their chemical composition, resulting in different aromas, but above all in very different therapeutic properties. Sandalwood oil contains a large amount of Santalol and its derivatives (up to 60% in Santalum album species; and up to 35% in Santalum spicatum). And these compounds are not present in the oil based on Amyris balsamifera, and they could not be since they are not even the same plant. Regardless of this, Amyris Oil is often used to adulterate true Sandalwood oil or sold as Sandalwood Essential Oil.

So don't be surprised, if you want a Sandalwood Essential Oil that is in fact REAL Sandalwood, do you really think "cheap" should interest you?

dōTERRA has two types of oils from Sandalwood. It has Sandalwood Essential Oil (of Indian origin) and Sandalwood Essential Oil (of Hawaiian origin).

Having said that, are there other essential oils of good quality? Yes. Are they better than dōTERRA essential oils? No!

Learn more about how dōTERRA through its Foundation - Healing Hands, supports local production to bring the oils to you.


Image: Forest Starr & Kim Starr - Sandalwood Detail

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