3 formas de utilizar os seus óleos essenciais doterra

3 Ways to use your essential oils

3 Ways to use your essential oils

First of all!

The use of essential oils should be made according to the type of oil in question, but none of the recommendations is a substitute for the test that you should perform on yourself. Everyone has different ways of reacting in contact with essential oils.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated products and therefore require some wisdom.

There are 3 ways to use/apply your essential oil.

  1. Topical application
    1.1 - Direct application to the skin
    1.2 - Use diluted in bath
    1.3 - Diluted use for massage
    1.4 - Diluted use in a therapeutic compress
  2. Through a diffuser
  3. Internal use

1. Topical Application

1.1 - Direct application to the skin, how to use it?

how to apply pure essential oils on the skin

100% pure essential oils that you can use directly on your skin:
Melaleuca Essential Oil (also called Tea Tree) and Lavender Essential Oil
The Peppermint Essential Oil is also often used but lacks a test on your skin, one drop is enough to understand your receptivity to this oil.

Are there other oils that I can apply directly to the skin besides these three? Yes, many more! However of direct application, the easiest to recommend, for those who are just starting out, are Melaleuca and Lavender.

Because we are all different in contact with essential oils, it is recommended that you test your skin in small amounts, one drop will suffice. Then you can progressively increase the application area and see if you are still comfortable.

It is worth remembering that as oils are very potent, greater concentration does not mean greater efficacy. The application of 1 to 5 drops is sufficient to achieve the therapeutic objective in the vast majority of cases.

1.2 - Use diluted in an immersion bath

baths with essential oils how to apply

Apply your essential oils in the bath, a simple, practical and pleasant way to apply Aromatherapy! If using bathtubs, apply between 3 and 6 drops while being filled and the skin will absorb quickly. You can also dilute it with liquid soap or use bath salts with essential oils.

1.3 - How to use dilutes for massage?

massage with essential oils how to apply dilute

When incorporating massage oils, use a maximum of 10 drops of essential oil for every 100 ml of base oil . Do not exceed recommended serving. Before application, check the sensitivity of the skin in a small area.

Massage has a very effective effect on the skin, muscles and connective tissues and promotes relaxation, energy and balance. To benefit from Aromatherapy in massage, it is necessary to dilute essential oils in some quality base oil (vegetable oil), such as: Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Avocado Oil , Jojoba Oil, among others.

1.4 - Diluted use in therapeutic compress

The power of essential oils can also be harnessed through compresses. It's simple: fill a basin with 1L of hot or cold water and put 3 to 6 drops of the essential oil you prefer, after that, mix it vigorously and soak a towel in the water applying in the place you want for at least 30 minutes.

2. Through diffuser

diffuser of aromatherapy essential oils

In diffusers and air purifiers, add 7 drops for every 500 ml of water. Avoid using oil burners, those with tanks at the top. These burners destroy the properties of the essential oil.

Through the diffuser any essential oil can be used there is no restriction and it will depend only on your personal taste and how you feel better.

3. Internal use

Under no circumstances should 100% pure essential oils be ingested except products from the brand dōTERRA. DōTERRA oils are widely tested products of exceptional quality and within the range of the brand there are products that can be administered orally. See information for product.

When taking internally you can choose to put 1 drop in 120ml (4oz) of water, you can put 1 drop inside 1 vegetable capsule, but also directly 1 drop in the mouth and drink with water or other liquid. Finally, you also have access to the benefits of essential oils with the so-called beadlets, vegetable spheres with 1/4 drop that exist in two versions. The On Guard Beadlets and the Peppermint Beadlets.

The quantities indicated in these examples are a general recommendation. It could be more than 1 drop.

Are there any precautions when using 100% pure essential oils?

The use of essential oils or hydrolates for therapeutic purposes always requires prior expert advice. We offer free advice to our customers so you know, if you have any questions please contact us!

You should also see a specialist if you are hypertensive or have a history of epilepsy. Some oils can cause photosensitivity.

Avoid sun exposure after application.

And of course it must be kept out of the reach of children.

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