bomba anti gripe gripal doterra receita como fazer

FLU: How to make an Anti-Flu Bomb with dōTERRA essential oils?

FLU: How to make an Anti-Flu Bomb with dōTERRA essential oils?

Essential oils are excellent for relieving flu symptoms and today we teach you how to make a flu pump to help your immune system recover and gain strength.

The colder days arrive and it is easy to catch rain and (or) be in contact with a virus in transport or public places.

For these ailments, and as an alternative to conventional medicines, there is a dōTERRA recipe.

gripe doterra com óleos essenciais

You can apply this recipe in two ways

You can apply it on your skin or take it internally. Topical application is recommended when you are feeling a weakened immune system. Ingesting is recommended if you already have the first flu symptoms.

  1. Application to the skin
  2. Take it internally

What are the quantities of each oil?

  1. Application to the skin (10 drops of each oil)
  2. Take internally (2 drops of Frankincense, 2 out of Oregano, 2 from On Guard, 2 of Melaleuca and 4 drops of Lemon

How to apply on the skin?

Mix 10 drops of each oil inside one roll-on, shake it and you're done! If you have sensitive skin add 1 tablespoon of dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil or other quality carrier oil and mix.

Apply the roll-on on the soles of the feet, chest and throat at least 3 times a day. Make the same mixture with the same proportions of oils and use it in your diffuser, placing it in the room where you are the longest when you are sick.

How to do the internal intake?

Follow the quantities indicated for the internal portion. Place the oils in a glass container and mix. With a pipette, capture 4 drops and place inside a Vegetable Capsule. Take 2 a day, with meals or just after a meal.


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  • grata pela receita

    elida on

  • Eu ja uso os oleos essenciais doterra a 1 ano e sinto o meu corpo completamente diferente mais saudavel, a minha ansiedade melhorou bastante a hiperesao esta controlada sinto muito bem aconselho a todas as pessoas a usarem os oleos essencias doterra.

    Hortensia Vasconcelos on

  • Gostei da receita adoraria receber mais, adoro seus óleos… Obrigada

    Maria Leopoldina Maia Dos Santos on

  • Adorei a receita, espero receber mais receitas e novidades.
    Vocês são ótimos!

    Márcia A. Cipriano Satin on

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