12 Combinações de óleos essenciais para utilizar no seu difusor

12 Essential oil blends to try on your diffuser

12 Essential oil blends to try on your diffuser

Using essential oils in a Aromatic way should always be done through an ultrasonic diffuser, the exceptions are the deep inhalations that we can do, whether making a cup shape with our hands, or through recipes for example to unblock the airways. In this type of recipes we put the oils in a bowl of hot water (without boiling) and inhale its qualities.

Through the use of the diffuser you will be able to enjoy a therapeutic environment, whether it makes it more cozy or you want to create an environment for greater productivity, the possible mixtures are practically inexhaustible and the combinations work very well and can potentiate the positive effects on our health.

We at Bem&star Essencial always advise our customers to try it for themselves, after all this creative side accompanies the use of essential oils and is often synonymous with a lot of enthusiasm for those who use these wonders of nature.

Still for those looking for it, we leave here some tested suggestions of combinations of essential oils to use in your diffuser.

We have divided the mixtures by INTENTIONS.

Energizing Intent

Are you trying to start the day full of energy? Create your routine and connect your diffuser with one of these unique blends.

Immune System Intention

When you feel the weather changing quickly, don't hesitate to give your family one of these mixes.

Welcome Intent

For when you receive visitors at home or to create moments of introduction between people, try one of these combinations.

Creative Intent

When looking to create a productive and motivating environment for your creations and projects.

Purification Intent

To purify the air in your home, there is no better than one of these mixtures.

Relax Intent

For those moments of the day when you are looking to create a relaxing and peaceful environment try one of these combinations.

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  • Muito obg por nos ensinar como fazer as combinações dos óleos.

    Silvânia on

  • Boa noite, gostaria de recber as vossas dicas para saber usar os óleos essenciais DoTerra.
    Melhores cumprimentos
    Alda Dias

    Alda Dias on

  • Sou membro da do TERRA e suas dicas me ajudaram muito. Obrigada!

    Paula Alexandre da Silva on

  • Boa tarde! Gostaria de receber as vossas dicas para usar os oleos essenciais da melhor forma e suas combinações.
    Fátima Coelho

    Fátima Coelho on

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