10 sugestoes de prendas de natal aniversario ecológicas e naturais

10 suggestions for ecological and natural gifts

10 suggestions for ecological and natural gifts

The holiday season or an upcoming birthday arrives and there is often a lack of ideas about what we can offer. Don't worry Bem&star Essencial has some suggestions for gifts for this Christmas or birthday. They are very useful and appealing gifts.

1 - What better than introducing someone to an alternative to conventional salt?

 samphire alternative to salt

Samphire powder is an excellent alternative to conventional table salt. Samphire is a fleshy plant that grows in the salt marshes of coastal areas and that by natural processes, absorbs part of the salt present in the environment. By consuming the powdered plant we can season the food, but the consumption of this plant is much healthier than the direct consumption of salt.

Ideal for: Anyone looking for new flavors in the kitchen, for those suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

Learn more about Samphire salt here.

2 - An alternative to conventional detergent

Ecoegg is a delicate product for clothing and the environment. How it works? Inside the box comes a durable plastic egg (10 years warranty) and inside the egg we put 2 types of spheres. The black mineral spheres help to remove impurities from the clothes while the other spheres give your clothes a natural aroma without aggressive chemicals. When purchasing the Ecoegg you receive spheres for 72 washes. So have clean clothes for approximately 4 months depending on use.

Ideal for: people looking for environmentally friendly items, people with skin problems (sensitivity to conventional detergents).

Learn more about Ecoegg here.

3 - Save the oceans from plastic?

oceansaver comprar

Ocean Saver is a very effective smart solution that helps a lot to save the environment! Whenever we buy another cleaning product for the house, we have another plastic bottle or spray. There are many products that we buy like this, products for cleaning the floor, for the bathroom, for cleaning the windows, etc.

Ocean Saver has the solution! As you can see in the image above, this product consists of a capsule that goes into an empty plastic/spray bottle (reuse a package you already have at home). Now all you have to do is add water, shake and in no time you have a full detergent ready for cleaning! Smart right? If we only need the liquid that is inside these products, why are we always buying more packaging?

Ocean Saver has several capsules depending on use, they have detergent for the floor, toilet, for cleaning windows, multi uses, etc.

Ideal for: people looking for environmentally friendly articles, people willing to try new things.

Learn more about the Ocean Saver here.

4 - Discover the benefits of aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils

Quality essential oils are compounds derived directly from plants, roots and fruits. The oil obtained through distillation or cold pressure in a natural way without adulteration or contamination.

As such, they do not compare with the so-called essences. Essences are synthetic products made in laboratory to have certain aromas.

With this Introductory Kit you can experience the benefits of essential oils that go far beyond aroma. dōTERRA essential oils can be taken internally, applied by massaging the skin, and inhaled through diffusion.

dōTERRA essential oils are 100% pure and certified.

Ideal for: people who already use essences, people interested in aromatherapy, people interested in alternative medicine, people interested in natural solutions for the home.

Saiba mais sobre o Kit Introdutório dōTERRA aqui.

5 - Buying bread and groceries in bulk? Let's do it without the plastic

saco saca pão

If you are looking to reduce your consumption of plastic, the natural option is to look for cloth bags. But not all cloth bags are the same. As we know, the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, so the way your bag fabric is produced and processed matters a lot!

That's how the Saco Saca Pão came into being. The Saco Saca Pão bag is a 100% certified cotton bag, does not contain elastane or polypropylene (derived from plastic) and each bag contains at least 95% organic matter. The bags are further certified by GOTS and OEKO-TEK both guaranteeing that the production of this bag was done responsibly and that it is therefore sustainable to adopt this solution.

Ideal for: people interested in the environment, people who buy in bulk, people who like to support Portuguese brands.

Learn more about Saco Saca Pão here.

6 - Copper is a precious metal when storing your water

It has long been an Ayurvedic practice to store water in a copper container at night and drink it during the day. This type of practice happens for two reasons, first because water is a fundamental element for life. After all when we look for life in the universe, first of all we look for signs of water. So it deserves to be the center of the household. Secondly, copper is an excellent element for storing water because it kills 97% of bacteria and brings several benefits to the energetic body.

Ideal for: people interested in spirituality, people interested in ayurveda.

Learn more about the RARA Copper Bottle here.

7 - For those who want to start a new beauty routine

One of the best moisturizing creams with essential oils and plant extracts. This moisturizing cream contains cocoa seed butter and probiotics to reinforce the skin's protective barrier in combination with the nourishing effect of algae (Laminaria digitata) and mugwort extract.

With handpicked ingredients for those who want healthy, rich and rejuvenated skin, with probiotics that reinforce the skin's natural ability to renew itself. Due to the rarity and quality of the ingredients, this cream is perfect for the night but also for your morning routine.

Ideal for: people looking for their well-being.

Learn more about Hydrating Cream here.

8 - The benefits of essential oils in any space in your home

One of the ways to benefit from aromatherapy is to diffuse essential oils with an ultrasonic diffuser. It's very important to understand that you shouldn't heat essential oils in those candle bases because the heat destroys the therapeutic properties of the oils.

If you really want to benefit from essential oils then discover our section of Diffusers.

This diffuser that appears in the photo is the new Roam diffuser. It is built with responsible materials, made from recycled resins from other consumer products, mixed in a polished natural stone base.

It has its own battery so it's portable and you can take it wherever you want! Unlike Diffuser Pilot, Roam has a base that charges it.

Ideal for: people interested in aromatherapy, people who previously used scented scents in their homes, people interested in their family's well-being, people interested in plants and their benefits.

Learn more about Roam Diffuser here.

9 - Natural perfume with essential oils?

Want to offer a natural perfume made with essential oils? dōTERRA's Whisper is a combination of essential oils with the same quality as always, 100% pure and without additives.

Specially designed for women and to be used as a perfume, it combines the pleasure of aroma with the benefits of using essential oils on your skin.

Whisper is a unique and subtle scent created by combining the floral essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine and the spicy sweetness of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cocoa and Cinnamon, among others.

Ideal for: people looking for well-being, people who like natural products, people interested in aromatherapy.

Learn more about Whisper Touch here.

10 - For Yoga Practitioners

For yoga practitioners, dōTERRA has created a very special kit that helps to promotes a practice with more attention. This Kit includes 3 essential oils, Anchor, Align and Arise.

Ideal for: yoga practitioners, people interested in spirituality.

Learn more about the dōTERRA Yoga Kit here.

These are some of the suggestions we have for you, we hope you enjoyed the ideas! Any questions you have remember to get in touch with us via chat.

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