Samphire (Salicornia) powder - 15g · 5,35 €

Samphire (Salicornia) powder - 15g

5,35 €

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Main Benefits

  • It is a diuretic and medicinal plant, rich in Omega 3 and mineral salts (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron);
  • It has immunostimulating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antidiabetics properties;
  • Contributes to the prevention of hypertension problems, being a much healthier substitute than common salt.

Samphire or Sea Beans grow naturally in the old salt marshes of Ria de Aveiro, Portugal and is collected in Ilha dos Puxadoiros and in the Casqueira marine between March and September.

Its a fleshy plant, used for over 500 years in the human diet. Also known as “green salt”, powdered samphire gives a salty taste to food. The difference? The difference is that this is a healthy alternative to common salt and especially good for people with hypertension!

This plant grows in the salt marshes of coastal salt pans, which, due to its location, end up absorbing much of the salt as food, however the consumption of this plant is healthier than salt because it has only a fraction of the amount of sodium chloride, that of common salt.


Quantity 15g (0.53 oz).


Organic production. MPB. It does not use any type of fertilizer or any other chemical means for its cultivation.


Salicornia ramosissima


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