Rose Essential Oil

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Quantity 5 ml

Main Benefits

  • Helps to balance skin hydration levels and reduce imperfections;
  • Promotes a homogeneous and healthy skin tone;
  • Relieves stress and revitalizes the spirit;
  • Revitalizing, energizing and promoter of harmony.

Rose Essential Oil is known as "The Queen of Oils" and is much sought after for its aroma, its very beneficial properties for the skin and integrated in emotional therapy. Each essential oil contains more than 10,000 rose petals to reach you, and the production process is as exquisite as the final product.

Sustainably produced and distilled in Bulgaria at dōTERRA's Esseterre center of excellence, this oil and its comforting aroma will win you over from day one.

Originally native to the capital of Syria, Damascus, Rosa Damascena has great therapeutic potential. Before the sun rises on the horizon, we can already see the workers picking up the delicate apricot rose, in what is a laborious collection job that gives only a few specimen of Essential Rose Oil.

Because the petals are so delicate, the distillation process has to happen on the same day they were collected. This fantastic oil will come out later, with an unmistakable and refined aroma, which promotes feelings of love and romance, while its topical properties contribute to a healthier and brighter skin, reducing the appearance of aging spots.

How to Use?

  • Combine with your facial moisturizer and apply to the face and neck;
  • Apply directly to areas of the skin with age spots;
  • Use on your diffuser in the morning to start your day off harmoniously.

Scientific Name

Rosa damascena

Avoid sun or UV rays for 12 hours after applying the product to the skin.

The information provided by Bem&star Essencial is not intended to be a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do not neglect, avoid or delay obtaining advice from a qualified healthcare professional due to something you may have read on the website. Bem&star Essencial information does not constitute clinical practice or medical care. 

Essential oils are very concentrated substances, always use small amounts when you are familiarizing yourself with the practice of aromatherapy. 

You should never use essential oils in your eyes or inside the ear canal. If you experience any redness or irritation after topical use of essential oils, apply a vegetable oil (for example, Fractionated Coconut Oil) to the affected area, as the water does not dilute the essential oils. Consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under medical care. Keep away from indiscriminate access by children.

Como usar / tomar?
Uso aromático Aromatic use
Uso tópico You can use this oil on your skin
Aplicação na pele
Dilute for young or sensitive skin Dilute for young or sensitive skin


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