Crystal Quartz Prism · 10,60 €

Crystal Quartz Prism

10,60 €

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The Quartz crystal is ideal for those looking to see reality as it is. It is translucent, it represents clarity and honesty of vision. It means seeing through things.

This stone is a polished prism in a two-sided point shape and functions as an object to enhance our perception. Just like a pair of binoculars or glasses can help you see better, this crystal also has that power in itself.

Due to its shape, it creates a direct connection with those who hold the crystal and the universe, it can be useful to serve as a link between the energy on the right and left sides of our system. To do this, place it in between your hands, tips pointing to the center of your palms, while holding it.

Looking at this stone can connects us with inner clarity, fluidity and honesty.

Affinity: Affinity with all signs.
Approximate dimensions: 7.5 cm x 2.2 cm (2.95" x 0.86" inches)

The affinity of crystals/stones with the signs just means that there is potentially more reverberation between them. But it shouldn't be the reason to look for another stone if it seems right for you, regardless of your astrological sign.

We can choose, but you can also choose exactly what Crystal/Stone you want.

To do that you can talk to us ❯ via Whatsapp to make a video call and show you the items we have (depending on our availability). This way you can specifically choose which one you want before it is sent to you.

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