Peppermint Beadlets dōTERRA

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Main Benefits

  • Promotes your dental and respiratory health;
  • Relieves any occasional digestive discomfort you have;
  • Can be taken in a practical and convenient way, on-the-go.

Experience the freshness of Peppermint essential oil conveniently in a vegetable beadlet. With Beadlets dōTERRA was able to capture a drop of oil in a vegetable sphere making the internal take very practical.

Each sphere gives you an explosion of freshness in your mouth, at the same time it contributes to a healthy digestion but also to a clearing of the mucous membranes allowing easier breathing, being good to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis.

And of course with this aroma it is an excellent companion to take right after meals leaving your mouth with great breath.

How to Use?

Place a beadlet in your mouth and bite or swallow normally with water.Do not ingest more than 5 a day.

Each package has 125 beadlets.

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