Biodegradable Multipurpose Kitchen Cloth (4 Pack) · 5,20 €

Biodegradable Multipurpose Kitchen Cloth (4 Pack)

5,20 €

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Do you know those yellow multipurpose cloths? We use these cloths for many tasks, especially in the kitchen to clean the countertop or to clean the top of the stove. They are very practical, they only have one problem: they are made of synthetic materials.In general this type of cloth is composed of 60% viscose, 20% polyester and 20% polypropylene.

Now we have a solution for you. These cloths are made of cotton, wood pulp and linseed and are 100% natural and an ecological alternative to have at home. At the end of its life, it can be composted or disposed of in common garbage without any damage to the environment.

They are very absorbent, resistant and reusable.
They have a reduced packaging in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Each unit includes 4 cloths.

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