OceanSaver Ecological Detergent Refills · 1,95 €

OceanSaver Ecological Detergent Refills

1,95 €

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Each time we buy a detergent we buy another package, another spray bottle or similar. When in fact, what interests us is the liquid inside and the new packaging is completely disposable. For this very reason, thinking about the efficient reuse of our packaging and avoiding the unnecessary production of more plastic, OceanSaver was created.

OceanSaver offers several detergents for various purposes to use at home, but it gives us just what we need: One Refill! How to do it? Simple! Take the spray or other packaging you already have at home, add 750ml of water, add the detergent refill (the refill dissolves in the water) and it's ready to use!

Choose your detergent

Antibacterial - Kills 99.9% of bacteria, it is an excellent multi-surface to clean and disinfect surfaces at home. It has a gentle Ocean Mist scent.

Kitchen and degreaser - Excellent for cleaning kitchen fats, has a degreasing action to make the task easier and a citrus scent that leaves the kitchen smelling wonderful.

Bathroom - Suitable for your bathroom, removes stains, dirt and lime from the surfaces and utensils of your bathroom. It has a fantastic Pomegranate aroma.

Multipurpose - For any situation use this Multipurpose Detergent, it is especially good to remove dirt and grease. It has a neutral PH to protect your surfaces and it smells like Apple.

Glass Cleaner - To let your glass shine while saving the environment.

Main Features

  • Made from plants;
  • Biodegradable;
  • Zero waste;
  • Vegan;
  • Without plastic;
  • Palm oil free;
  • Animal Cruelty Free;
  • Paraben Free;
  • Works in hard or soft water;
  • Reduced carbon emissions thanks to small packaging.

How to Use?

Reuse an empty detergent bottle, add 750ml of water, add an OceanSaver refill, shake well, once it is well dissolved it is ready to use!

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