Soap Berries - Ecological alternative for washing clothes

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It seems that soap grows on trees after all. The saponaria shells (soap berries), are the fruit from the Sapindus saponaria tree, a tree that gives us a 100% natural and vegetable solution to be able to wash our clothes.

Its internal consumption is toxic for us humans and the foliage itself is not recommended for animal feed, but this tree keeps its treasure in the form of small fruits with 2 to 3 cm. These fruits have saponin, a glycoside with surfactant properties capable of producing foam and effectively clean.

The use of these soap berries is a very simple, natural solution and an effective way to protect the environment from artificial chemicals present in conventional detergents.

For this purpose from the fruit we only use the part of the shell, the seed inside is removed mechanically.

Try this new natural way to clean your clothes!
Ah! If you like scented laundry read more in the next section.

How to Use Soap Berries?

Place 3 to 6 soap berries in the 100% cotton bag, which you receive with the nuts, in your washing machine.

The same soap berries can be reused 4 times until they lose their effect.

To add aroma, use an essential oil such as Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lemon or Orange in the place where you would put the conditioner or directly in the cotton bag itself. If you lose the bag or one of these days for any reason you don't know where it is, you can alternatively put the soap berries in a sock.

PS: Cotton bag included.

How long do they last?

250 g of soap berries give for an average of 48 washes.
After their useful life, place them to compost or simply in the soil.


250 g (8.8 oz)

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