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The dōTERRA Yoga Kit was designed for anyone who practices Yoga and wants to create a perfect atmosphere and disposition to make the most out of this practice, which is both a physical and spiritual activity. The practice of Yoga (the word Yoga means Union) works to align the geometry of the human body.

It is not a matter of exercising although there are people who only practice Yoga for fitness. It is an activity that transforms us and our receptivity and perception.

People who practice meditation know the importance of creating the most favorable atmosphere and in Yoga practice its no exception. The right atmosphere helps a lot.

That's why the Yoga Kit brings you 3 essential oils, Anchor, Align and Arise

Meet this magnificent trio


This oil is able to anchor yourself to the present moment, no longer identifying yourself so much with the movements of the mind. Combines Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Black Pepper and Patchouli.


Promotes your alignment. The practice of Yoga transforms the geometry of your body and your energy, this oil contributes to creating that availability to align and to be in a state of fluidity. Combines oils from Bergamot *, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Jasmin and Rosa.

* FSC Bergamot: does not create sensitivity to UV rays


It promotes your stability and celebrates the frequency of gratitude that you get when you don't identify with your mind and emotions. This oil combines Grapefruit, Lemon, Osmanthus, Melissa and Siberian Fir.

How to Use?

  • Depending on your intention for the day's practice, choose 1 of the oils and place 3 to 4 drops in your diffuser to create a conducive atmosphere;
  • For the practice of Yoga its recommended to apply the oils to the following points of the body: temples, nape, center of palms of hands, soles of feet, on the forehead slightly above the center of the eyebrows (Third eye), behind the ears where the sternocleidomastoid meets the skull behind the ear.

For more advice on using this Kit, after purchase, talk to us through our Chat, we have more tips for you!

Avoid sun or UV rays for 12 hours after applying the product to the skin.

The information provided by Bem&star Essencial is not intended to be a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do not neglect, avoid or delay obtaining advice from a qualified healthcare professional due to something you may have read on the website. Bem&star Essencial information does not constitute clinical practice or medical care. 

Essential oils are very concentrated substances, always use small amounts when you are familiarizing yourself with the practice of aromatherapy. 

You should never use essential oils in your eyes or inside the ear canal. If you experience any redness or irritation after topical use of essential oils, apply a vegetable oil (for example, Fractionated Coconut Oil) to the affected area, as the water does not dilute the essential oils. Consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under medical care. Keep away from indiscriminate access by children.

Como usar / tomar?
Uso aromático Aromatic use
Uso tópico You can use this oil on your skin
Aplicação na pele
Uso tópico sem diluição (Pode usar puro) You can apply the oil pure, without dilution


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