Certified wood dish cleaning brush · 7,90 €

Certified wood dish cleaning brush

7,90 €

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Main Benefits

  • Made with FSC certified wood, sustainable wood;
  • The bristles are of vegetable origin, more precisely Tampico fiber;
  • Vegan.

With our FSC certified wooden dishwasher brush you can rest assured that at least the act of washing up will be much more ecological. As we know regular dishwashing sponges / mops are made with synthetic foam of Polyurethane, Polyester and Vegetable Cellulose.

Polyurethane is considered a thermosetting plastic, and its fragments cannot be melted and cast again to be reused. Materials such as polyester are also derived from plastic and vegetable cellulose despite being more environmentally friendly at first glance, it becomes a great polluting agent when looking especially at the manufacturing process.

The brush works great especially with our soap for the whole house, the Marseille Organic Soap for House Cleaning.

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