Amethyst Druze · 14,80 €

Amethyst Druze

14,80 €

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These Amethyst Druze crystals are very attractive, looking at an Amethyst and being indifferent is not easy and it is no accident. It is a crystal that invites us to know more about us as we know more about the crystal.

If we start paying attention to our energy when in contact with this crystal we will start to understand more about its influence on us and also inevitably on our energy and on what is more subtle. So whenever we talk about stones and crystals we are in fact talking about our system and the subtleties that only those who pay attention will have access.

This Amethyst Druze is excellent to have with you in moments of meditation or in a place where you practice more to be present. After all, this is the way of meditation, finding our natural state, understanding the nature of thoughts, finding that state in which there is no dialogue, no friction, no movement. In which there is only "what is".

Approximate Dimensions

Understand that each druze is natural and unique.
Estimated size: between 4.5 to 5 cm

The affinity of crystals/stones with the signs just means that there is potentially more reverberation between them. But it shouldn't be the reason to look for another stone if it seems right for you, regardless of your astrological sign.

We can choose, but you can also choose exactly what Crystal/Stone you want.

To do that you can talk to us ❯ via Whatsapp to make a video call and show you the items we have (depending on our availability). This way you can specifically choose which one you want before it is sent to you.

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