Roam Diffuser

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Each Roam Diffuser is made with responsible materials, made from recycled resins from other consumer products, blended in a polished natural stone base.

It has its own battery so it is portable and you can take it wherever you want! Unlike the Pilot diffuser, Roam has a base that charges it.

Ideal for a space of up to 25 m2 (270 sq.ft) and with 3 light modes to help create the right ambience this diffuser will be your new aromatherapy companion.

Roam Diffuser Features

  • Capacity for 100 ml of water (3.38 fl.oz);
  • Ideal for an area of ​​up to 25 m2 (270 sq.ft);
  • On continuous mist mode, when connected to the base it works for 5 hours and up to 4 hours when powered by the internal battery;
  • On intermittent mist mode (5 minutes on / 5 minutes off) works for 10 hours, when connected to the base and up to 8 hours powered by the internal battery;
  • It is a wireless diffuser thanks to its battery, with a base for charging;
  • Created with eco-friendly materials, made from recycled resins from other consumer products;
  • 3 light modes, white light, warm white light and cyan blue;
  • Automatically shuts off when you run out of water.

Learn more about how to use your Roam in your video.

Why use a diffuser?

Aromatherapy has many benefits and is not a new concept. Surely you have noticed, when you enter someone's house, or when you smell a cooking or whenever you are in nature, in all these moments you are always interacting with aromas. The scent of nature makes us enjoy the moment and be emotionally balanced. Someone's cooking helps to create an atmosphere in the house just by its aroma.

So the aroma that we find in each space affects us in some way and can put us in states of joy just by recognizing a simple smell. A simple aroma can make your space inviting and pleasant.

That's what aromatherapy is all about. Creating beneficial atmospheres through intense 100% pure aromas taken directly from nature, the so-called essential oils. With your dōTERRA diffuser you will be able to access a world of dōTERRA essential oils full of benefits that only nature can bring you.

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