Pilot Diffuser

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The new dōTERRA Pilot Diffuser has finally arrived! This diffuser is portable so you can now take the benefits of your essential oils everywhere, including inside your car, it fits beautifully in the cup holders.

Unlike other dōTERRA diffusers, this diffuser is portable and has a battery. This way you are always ready for another aromatic session anywhere!

Do you want to take it to your studio while practicing yoga? Check!
Do you want to take it to the terrace while reading a book? Check!
Want to take it to your side in the bath? Check!
Do you want to make your car journey very pleasant? Check!

This diffuser is undoubtedly very useful, practical and beautiful.

Diffuser Features

  • Continuous diffusion for 4 hours or for 8 hours intermittently;
  • It is portable and has a rechargeable battery;
  • Responsibly created, includes eco-friendly materials;
  • Comes with a very convenient bag that serves to place the diffuser and has compartments for your favourite oils.

This is a cold essential oil diffuser. In other words, there is no heating of essential oils that could otherwise have their compounds altered or damaged due to the heat. Its safe!

Why use a diffuser?

Aromatherapy has many benefits and is not a new concept. Surely you have noticed, when you enter someone's house, or when you smell a cooking or whenever you are in nature, in all these moments you are always interacting with aromas. The scent of nature makes us enjoy the moment and be emotionally balanced. Someone's cooking helps to create an atmosphere in the house just by its aroma.

So the aroma that we find in each space affects us in some way and can put us in states of joy just by recognizing a simple smell. A simple aroma can make your space inviting and pleasant.

That's what aromatherapy is all about. Creating beneficial atmospheres through intense 100% pure aromas taken directly from nature, the so-called essential oils. With your dōTERRA diffuser you will be able to access a world of dōTERRA essential oils full of benefits that only nature can bring you.

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