dōTERRA Dawn Humidifier · 117,00 €

dōTERRA Dawn Humidifier

117,00 €

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The new dōTERRA Dawn Humidifier helps to create the right atmosphere in your room, automatically controlling humidity levels while distributing the aroma of your essential oils evenly in your space.

Dawn achieves a continuous use of up to 22 hours and comes equipped with a humidity sensor so it can automatically adjust to your room. This way you don't have to worry about high levels of humidity in the room.

Humidifier Features

  • The humidifier has 3 nebula settings: High Mode (up to 7 hours), Medium Mode (up to 12 hours) and Low Mode (up to 22 hours);
  • Ideal for a space of up to 25 m2;
  • Includes a Night Mode to control the humidity status of your room;
  • Low noise level;
  • Auto shut off when running out of water;
  • Capacity for 1.8 liters of water;
  • Easy to clean.

It's safe. This is a humidifier that allows the use of essential oils. In other words, there is no heating of essential oils that otherwise could have their compounds altered/damaged due to heat.

Didn't know?

The humidifier is a better alternative when heating essential oils that with a candle. Heating the essential oil through candles leads to the loss of several essential oil properties. With your cold humidifier you can be sure you are getting all the benefits of regular use of essential oils in your home.

Why use a humidifier in your space?

Aromatherapy has many benefits and is not a new concept. I'm sure you've noticed, when you enter someone's house, or when you smell cooking or whenever you're in nature, in all those moments you're always interacting with aromas. The aroma of nature makes us enjoy the moment and be emotionally balanced. Someone's cooking helps create an atmosphere in the house just by its aroma.

That's why the aroma we find in each space affects us somehow and can put us in states of joy just by recognizing a simple smell. A simple aroma can make your space inviting and pleasant.

Aromatherapy is just that. Create beneficial atmospheres through intense 100% pure aromas taken directly from nature, the so-called essential oils. With your dōTERRA humidifier you will be able to access a world of dōTERRA essential oils full of benefits that only nature knows how to provide. At the same time, it guarantees to maintain optimal humidity levels in your room or in your child's room.

How to use it?

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