Charcoal Tablets for Incense · 2,75 €

Charcoal Tablets for Incense

2,75 €

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Charcoal also known as Liturgical Coal, is used in numerous burning rituals, mainly in products that are not self-combustible and require a constant source of heat, such as herbs, incense in grains and other resins / mixtures.

Instructions for use

  1. Take a charcoal with barbecue tongs that you keep for this purpose;
  2. With a lighter or a small torch, fire the coal;
  3. Once lit, place it in a burner / bowl preferably made of clay, like this;
  4. And place the grain incense in the center of the coal, you will immediately have smoke from the resin you're using (at Bem&star Essential we sell Frankincense in Resin).

Each package comes with 10 tablets.
Each capsule is 33 mm in diameter.

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