Organic Cocoa Powder

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Main Benefits

  • Potent natural source of antioxidants;
  • Helps reduce inflammation, cholesterol and harmonize blood sugar levels;
  • Promotes proper blood circulation;
  • It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, improving breathing and heart function;
  • Improves brain function and promotes good mood.

Cocoa is one of the best sources of antioxidants, magnesium, potassium and iron. Its benefits have been discovered little by little and are increasingly seen as an important ingredient in a healthy diet.

Unlike chocolate, pure cocoa is rarely accompanied by allergies or dermatological reactions, does not contain gluten, sugars, acids, dyes, preservatives, nor has it been subjected to genetic modification (free from GMOs) or lactose.

When we talk about cocoa we are talking about pure cocoa originating from the Theobroma cacao tree, used in different percentages in the production of chocolates. Cocoa brings you benefits the more pure and unaltered it is consumed.

Native to South America, our Organic Cocoa Powder comes directly from small certified organic farms. This Cocoa Powder is certified by Sativa (PT-Bio-03).


250 ​​g (8.8 oz)

How to Use?

Maximum Recommended Daily Allowance: 1 tablespoon.

Put 1 teaspoon into smoothies, ice cream, yogurts, juices, etc.

Scientific Name

Theobroma cacao

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