Selenite Bar · 5,60 €

Selenite Bar

5,60 €

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The Selenite bar brings with it direction and straightness. It is ideal for those looking to be surrounded by clarity of perception. It is excellent for those who already understand that they are seeing life with many conclusions that they never questioned, but are looking for understanding. Let us be clear, in order for more understanding to come, it is not enough to have this bar, but it helps.

For those who want to pay attention to their action and for those who are dedicated to understanding, for those looking to know their system and everything in this universe, for them, looking at this stone is like looking in the mirror of their will.

For those who still don't see the importance of building an action with direction, without deviations, without distractions, they may not see the beauty of this stone.

It can be placed horizontally but works very well vertically when the shape of bar allows it. When you place it in your hands, make sure it is in the direction of your fingers.

Affinity: Affinity with all signs.
Approximate dimensions: 11 cm x 1 cm (4.33 inches x 0.39 inches) (Length and Width)

The affinity of crystals/stones with the signs just means that there is potentially more reverberation between them. But it shouldn't be the reason to look for another stone if it seems right for you, regardless of your astrological sign.

We can choose, but you can also choose exactly what Crystal/Stone you want.

To do that you can talk to us ❯ via Whatsapp to make a video call and show you the items we have (depending on our availability). This way you can specifically choose which one you want before it is sent to you.

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