receita cha natural alergias inflamacao cebola alho curcuma

Tea recipe to relieve allergies and fight inflammation

Tea recipe to relieve allergies and fight inflammation

Today we have for you a very simple but very effective recipe to improve periods of greater allergies and to fight inflammation. During spring the time comes when you feel most discomfort due to the concentrations of pollen that circulate in the air.

But for many of us, it is not only at this time that we experience breathing difficulties and we end up having some allergic symptoms all year round. One of the big enemies is dust at home.

Natural remedies are excellent allies when it comes to treating ourselves without artificial chemicals, however to have an effect sometimes we have to have a higher dose. So it is natural that you may find the taste unpleasant at first, but know that it works.

Tea recipe to improve allergic symptoms

Have at hand:

  • Onion peels, use normal onion, do not use red onion;
  • A clove of garlic with the skin;
  • Turmeric in the form of root (do not use powder);
  • Ginger in the form of root (do not use powder).

How to do it: In a 1 liter container, ideally, put 3 to 5 onion peels, take the garlic clove with the skin and make a few cuts just to release the flavor more easily and add to the onion. Also put 4 to 5 slices of turmeric and 3 to 5 slices of ginger. Fill the container with water and put on the stove. (Use to stove instead of using a kettle to separately boil the water).

As soon as it starts to boil and just before the water jumps out, turn off the heat. Let it stay for at least 30 minutes but ideally 1 hour.

Then enjoy a tea rich in anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that will facilitate breathing and relieve the impression in the throat as well as help with the pain resulting from muscle inflammation! (The taste may be a little intense at first but it is a matter of habit, the benefits far outweigh the taste that the tea may have. Believe me!)

This recipe can be used every month for 5 days to 2 weeks. Do not take this tea any longer than this period. As any medicine its not to be taken every day, it is to be taken when necessary.

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Both garlic and onion are excellent for these cases and this is due to the presence of the substance quercetin, one of the main antihistamines protecting the body. That they both have.

Turmeric, ginger but also garlic are natural anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. And they will help to dispel inflammation in the body. See also these ingredients in the form of Turmeric Essential Oil, Ginger.

There may be emotional causes behind these health complications, in most situations it is so. If the therapy you are doing is not working at all, you can consult us for more information.

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