fazer um limpa superficies com óleos essenciais doterra

DIY: Create your own surface cleaner with essential oils

DIY: Create your own surface cleaner with essential oils

Several essential oils have great anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial potential, it would be a waste not to use the oils to make some homemade recipes to replace detergents with artificial chemicals.

We have a recipe for you to replace most of the products you use when cleaning the house. With these oils we create a powerful non-toxic cleaning agent, safe for the environment and for the family.

This recipe is excellent for cleaning surfaces such as counters in the kitchen, floor and bathroom.

Prepare a spray bottle with a 500ml capacity.


  • 60 ml (2 oz) of White Vinegar;
  • 300 ml (10 oz) of water;
  • 30 drops of Essential Oils.

Recommended combinations of essential oils

And that's it! Shake well before using and tell us your feedback when you try it!

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