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Is it time to create your own deodorant because conventional ones cause cancer?

Is it time to create your own deodorant because conventional ones cause cancer?

Since the conversation started about the effects of aluminum and parabens (preservatives used in the cosmetic / hygiene area), linking these chemicals to a greater predisposition to breast cancer, several alternatives have emerged to conventional deodorants.

Let's see where these statements came from and after all realize; is it time to start making our own deodorant or is there no reason to switch from the conventional roll-on after all?

smell sweaty armpits

The organism thermoregulates its temperature

First it is important to remember that sweat is 99% water, has no smell and is part of a natural thermoregulation process for the human body to cool. It is therefore very important and reflects well the intelligence that exists in our system.

So look at this process as beneficial and not with "rejection" or "disgust". Its because of this type of views that many taboos and prejudices are created in society. Where we take something natural and make it look wrong.

natural deodorant recipe, no parabens or aluminium

But if the sweat has no smell, where does the odor come from?

The odor associated wrongly with perspiration actually comes from bacteria that accumulates in more humid and hot areas, in which case the armpits are one of the places that most facilitate the presence of these bacteria.

And it is this interaction of sweat with these bacteria that gives the sweat its odor.

Is it true that parabens and aluminum are one of the main causes for creating breast cancer?

No. There is no correlation between breast cancer and the use of aluminum or parabens. This controversy dates back to the late 90s when a series of emails shared the dangers of antiperspirants. At the time it was supposedly warned that the use of antiperspirants would be one of the main causes for breast cancer.

breast cancer woman

Several reasons that seemed logical were mentioned, for example, most breast cancers occur in the upper left or right quadrant. But the truth is that it is also in that quadrant that there is a high percentage of breast tissue. It must be remembered that the nipple does not define the center of the breast and therefore the quadrant that has been the subject of most cases is also the most dense. That is why there is still no indication that this is the case.

The other part of the claim said that by applying the antiperspirant the skin does not perspire and this causes the accumulation of toxins in the lymph nodes. This would supposedly cause a "high concentration of toxins" and "mutations in the cells". But nothing like that has been ever observed.

You can read more about these allegations aqui.

One must be aware that in the midst of some truths, there are always several theories that circulate. It is also necessary to know that sometimes, just because science says that it did not observe, that is not a reason to draw conclusions that "it does not exist".

In this case, however, it is safe to say that aluminum and the use of parabens are not the main reasons for the development of breast cancer.

Many of these fashions turn out to be ways to renew consumption, in the form of buying what is "free from that ingredient!", slogans that create confidence in those who were incited to be afraid of a danger that may not exist.

natural home made deodorant recipe

Now: Does that mean that there aren't more natural forms of deodorants? Yes there are! And if we can use natural ingredients or products, is it always a better option than an artificial option? Yes, of course it is!

Deodorants with an antiperspirant effect may not be cancer facilitators, but their action is far from natural. After all, we are talking about blocking sweat from escaping and therefore creating a barrier on the skin preventing a natural process of perspiration. This should be avoided.

There are several alternatives and recipes you can make, you will need to pay attention to some ingredients, especially the Magnesium hydroxide indicated for when there is constipation. This product is not widely used by the DIY community but just be aware not to make a recipe with it. Many people are using this product in their natural deodorant recipe.

The point is that the alkaline nature of Magnesium hydroxide not only eliminates the bacteria that can generate bad smells, but also the "good" bacteria that contribute to the health of our skin, making it more resistant, for example, to the use of blades for hair removal or resistant to contact with synthetic fabrics, etc. When these bacteria are not present, we may notice some extra sensitivity and skin irritation.

biork natural alumen deodorant

Homemade recipes yes! And you can also buy our deodorant Biork made with a natural alum stone!

If you want to make your own deodorant, use homemade ingredients like Coconut Oil in your homemade recipes! Blended with Beeswax and Honey. And of course for aroma and antibacterial action, nothing better than essential oils, for example, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil or Frankincense Oil.

If you want a natural alternative to synthetic products, made with 100% Natural Alumen Stone, packaged in Portuguese cork and completely odorless then take a look at Biork !

If you are looking for a natural deodorant made with essential oils find the our dōTERRA Deodorants.

Final note

About cancer, instead of looking outside, look inside. Your health is a reflection of your inner state. See especially how you create your emotions, see what patterns always take you to the same place. Note that these patterns often occur in our parents. Realize that not only do features, like facial features, pass through the DNA but also behaviors, some behaviors more enlightened than others. Some healthier than others.

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