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How to cook with dōTERRA Essential Oils

How to cook with dōTERRA Essential Oils

Today we are going to talk about how we can enjoy the benefits of essential oils in our kitchen. What kind of dishes and cuisine comes enriched with the addition of essential oils.

As we know oils can be used in 3 different ways, they are:

  • Through diffusion (using an ultrasonic diffuser);
  • Applying to the skin with or without a carrier oil (examples of carrier oils: fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, macadamia oil, grape oil, etc.)
  • or Ingesting, therefore, implies taking a few drops of the oil internally, either directly in the mouth with a dropper, either with a vegetable capsule, or when used in cooking.


Today when we are talking about how to use essential oils in the kitchen, we are talking about benefiting from oils internally, by ingestion.

This list below includes all oils that can be used internally.

essential oils you can ingest cook with doterra

Because not all essential oils are safe to be consumed internally, here is a list of oils that are especially dangerous for internal consumption and that should be avoided at all costs.

They are:

  • Arborvitae
  • Cedarwood
  • Cypress
  • Douglas Fir
  • Eucalyptus
  • Spikenard
  • Wintergreen

cozinhar com óleos essenciais doterra

Cooking food with essential oils

The use of essential oils should preferably be done when the food is in the final stage after preparation. That is, it is especially good to use the oils after you have switched off the stove. The idea is to postpone the use of the oil of the moment of greatest heat because the greater the heat the more evaporation and waste of oil will happen.

In addition, the properties of the oil can also be lost when used in cooking that are on fire and very hot, so it is not advisable to include oils at this stage.

For recipes where you just want to keep the aroma, you can use oils in recipes for cakes and others that involve heat, being sure to add more oil to compensate for the evaporation effect.

óleos essenciais no pão

Types of material that tolerate essential oils well

When cooking with essential oils we should try to use pots, pans and other stainless steel, glass or ceramic accessories. Do not use essential oils in plastic containers as the oil has a corrosive effect on these types of surfaces.

What quantities to use?

The amount of oil to use depends a lot depending on the essential oil in question, your personal taste, and if you are using the oil to replace a fresh, dry or other spice or condiment.

So it would be good to be able to give a rule or a formula but depending on the type of cooking, be it meat, fish, vegetarian, cold dessert, cake, cookies, etc. Accordingly you will have to adjust the dosage.

You will need to try it for yourself and find out what quantities are right for your recipes! As any other ingredient you add, this one also depends on your taste and the type of oil.

método do palito óleos essenciais doterra

Start using essential oils

Now that we know that this learning process requires a lot of experimentation to know what the right doses are for each type of cooking, we give you this test method.

The toothpick method

As essential oils are very potent substances, a small amount can create the desired effect. So when you start using oils do this: take the bottle and a toothpick, place the tip of the toothpick inside the bottle and pass the toothpick through your cooking. Taste and repeat the process whenever you need to increase the flavor.

You will see that depending on the oils just a drop makes a big difference right away so the ideal is to make progressive additions so as not to add too much essential oil.

Remarks: Sometimes you will use 1 drop of essential oil, sometimes you can use up to several drops and other times the toothpick method will be sufficient.

Especially potent essential oils

There are some essential oils that, although they can be ingested, should be used sparingly. They are:

  • Cassia
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Cumin
  • Thyme
  • Oregano

When using these oils, always use the toothpick technique. They are very strong oils and therefore you should take special precautions.

This reminder is for your cooking as well as for internal use through the ingestion of liquids, essential oils in juices, shakes or simply water.

These oils when added to drinks for internal consumption should be measured as follows: 1 drop to 120 ml of liquid.

In potent oils or simply to measure quantities well while cooking, think about buying a dropper.

5 Oil Categories and Suggestions for Use

Now let's talk about how well certain categories of oils combine with certain foods.

Citrus Oils

For example: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Wild Orange

They add a citrus scent, sometimes sweet and refreshing to your smoothies, tea or water. But they can also give your scones, muffins or cookies a unique beautiful flavor.

These oils can also create incredible flavors in your homemade yogurts, or aromatic formulations that you make with natural yogurt, they are excellent for seasoning sauces and giving intense aromas to ice cream.

Remember, citrus essential oils are obtained from the skin of the fruit, so do not use them in place of ingredients such as orange juice or lemon juice.

toranja brunch óleos essenciais

Spice Oils

For example: Black Pepper, Cassia, Cinnamon, Coriander, Ginger, Fennel

Potent additions to your cooking, these oils bring an explosion of flavor. Black pepper and ginger oils help to enhance the flavor of your food ingredients. While oils such as Fennel and Coriander Seeds add an extra flavor creating sweet and salty effects.

Cinnamon and Cassia are potent so they can be used sparingly in recipes for foods that go in the oven, bread, cakes, pies, or also in foods such as oat cereals, rice pudding, etc.

Herbal Oils

For example: Basil, Cilantro, Marjoram, Oregano , Rosemary, Thyme

When we don't have dried herbs around or to add an explosion of flavor to your dish with just a drop, these oils will be a new discovery in the kitchen.

With these oils you can add various combinations and create incredible aromatic and taste experiences.

Except for thyme, which should be used sparingly, they can all be described as: the culinary aromas you already know but in a super powerful format.

They work very well in Italian cuisine, soups, bread recipes, etc.

Floral Oils

For example: Lavender and Geranium

They soothe citrus flavors and bring recipes that need something extra to make the taste interesting. They work very well in recipes for cold desserts, cakes, jellies and of course in infusions! These oils are also quite potent in the aroma they bring with them so you don't need to use much and use the toothpick method if necessary.

Mentholated Oils

For example: Peppermint, Spearmint

They are a very pleasant surprise in recipes that ask for menthol flavors, especially sweets, natural gums or cold desserts. But they work very well in smoothies / shakes and other creations that are the result of your creativity.

cozinhar com óleos essenciais

New worlds to explore in the kitchen!

As you can see the applications are limitless, essential oils in the kitchen do not replace the foods or spices you normally use, instead they help create new aromatic and taste experiences and add to the infinite possibilities that you can explore while cooking.

We remind you that these suggestions are for the use of dōTERRA Essential Oils, 100% pure oils that are not mixed or diluted and that maintain their purity. We are not responsible for any other brand or oil and do not advise you to ingest an essential oil unless it is from dōTERRA.

These oils undergo many quality tests before they are delivered to you and dōTERRA monitors the entire process of harvesting, distilling, testing and packaging, ensuring that they are oils of the purest quality.

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