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8 ways to use and benefit from your dōTERRA On Guard essential oil

8 ways to use and benefit from your dōTERRA On Guard essential oil

This is one of the most popular oils from dōTERRA. dōTERRA On Guard essential oil has a wide range of uses and benefits for both you and your home. Haven't you bought yours yet?

This protective blend can be taken internally to aid healthy respiratory function as well as helping to protect the body from viruses due to its anti-oxidant properties. * With powerful properties to help your immune system always be ready to respond in any situation. This oil is also known for its ability to protect the body from seasonal respiratory threats.*

on guard como usar

How can you benefit from your oil? 8 tips for use!

  1. Help your immune system and your respiratory function by taking the essential oil internally. * To obtain these benefits put 1 drop of your dōTERRA oil On Guard in 120ml of water. Or put 2 to 3 drops of the oil in a Veggie Capsule and ingest. The taking of the oil in this internal way helps to obtain a quick effect. Try the oil instead of taking conventional cold and flu remedies and you'll see. *
  2. Protect yourself from seasonal environmental threats with an oil that is known for the positive effects it has on the immune system. * When you have heightened allergic reactions or breathing difficulties, use your dōTERRA On Guard oil. *
  3. Try putting the oil in your food for example on pancakes. Use about 1 to 2 drops of oil in cooking or cakes.
  4. The oil has a spicy aroma and a woody flavor so it is also ideal for use in an ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils. This oil is ideal for purifying the air in your home and creating a healthy environment.
  5. You can also use the oil to clean surfaces at home, including kitchen countertops or living room furniture. It is ideal for those looking for a non-toxic cleaning formula for their home. Place a few drops of oil in a spray bottle with water and use on all types of surfaces. Leaves a protective and disinfection layer with the dōTERRA quality fragrance.
  6. Do you like apples? (An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the saying goes.) Then do the following, cut an apple into 4 pieces with skin (well washed) and place them in a container with water to soak them. Add 2 to 3 drops of the oil and let the apple absorb the water with the oil. Then enjoy a healthy and appetizing snack. *
  7. If you want you can also make a non-toxic recipe to clean / disinfect your hands, to do this just mix a few drops of the oil in dōTERRA fractionated coconut oil and is ready to use to clean your hands whenever you need them.
  8. Rub dōTERRA On Guard on the sole of your children's feet during the school season to prevent viruses.
* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The On Guard Range

Because On Guard has such positive effects on the body, dōTERRA has created a wide range of products, from toothpaste and mouthwash up to washing machine detergents. Learn more here.


You should never use essential oils in your eyes or inside the ear canal.
If you experience any redness or irritation after topical use of essential oils, apply a vegetable oil (for example, Fractionated Coconut Oil) to the affected area, since water does not dilute essential oils.

Consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under medical care. Keep away from indiscriminate access by children.

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  • Os óleos são maravilhosos
    E eu tenho e faz parte da minha vida agora
    Tenho problemas de saúde e depois
    que compre e comecei a tomar ja esta fazendo a diferença e está me ajudando muito 🙌

    Simone on

  • Quantas vezes por semana posso tomar?

    Adriana Verônica Laurindo on

  • @Helenice: Sim o OnGuard pode ajudar a prevenir e a combater o aparecimento de Candidíase Oral, experimente o elixir bocal da On Guard! Poderá também bochechar 1 gota de óleo essencial de Orégão para 100ml de água todos os dias, 3 vezes ao dia, caso já tenha o fungo. Bocheche e deite fora.

    Bem&star Essencial on

  • Este óleo eu já estou usando há uns seis meses! Ele ajuda na candidíase oral?

    Helenice Grossi on

  • Estou conhecendo agora is oleo do terra sao maravilhoso

    Maria de Fatima Silva on

  • Faça assim junte 60ml de vinagre branco, 20 gotas de on guard a 420ml de água. Pode também juntar 5 gotas cada de óleo essencial de Limão e Hortelã.

    Bem Estar Essencial on

  • Para limpar a casa, eu uso quantas gotas de On Guard para quantos litros de água?

    Leonardo Silva on

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