receita desinfetante com oleos essenciais doterra

How to make my Disinfectant Gel with essential oils? Know the recipe!

How to make my Disinfectant Gel with essential oils? Know the recipe!

First of all, we want to warn several people who are dōTERRA wellness consultants and who are publishing recipes without taking into account the level of alcohol content that is needed a solution to have to be really effective in disinfecting your hands. It's not enough to use alcohol and it's done, it has to be in the right proportions.

It is not enough to copy recipes and start sharing, it is necessary to study these subjects.

doterra welness advocates misleading recipes

Shall we go to the recipe? Yes!

As we would expect, our recipe for hand disinfection includes 1 essential oil of choice, if you already know the range of dōTERRA it will be easy to guess. Have you guessed it?

You got it right! The On Guard Essential Oil! For the aroma but also for its disinfecting properties. If you don't happen to have it around, please know that Tea Tree Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil are also excellent for this case. If you are interested read more here about the studies of these oils in investigations on salmonella and here about other oils that are for example combined to make the famous On Guard.

Another very important ingredient for this recipe, because we want 100% immediate disinfection, is alcohol! Whether ethyl or isopropyl as long as it is 96% vol.

Have the following ingredients with you:

  • 96% vol. ethyl or isopropyl alcohol
  • Aloe Vera gel or if you can't find it - Glycerin
  • On Guard Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E (optional)

To make a disinfection gel really effective, you must follow the medical instructions to the letter. You will need 2/3 alcohol for 1/3 emollient.

Our emollient will be the Aloe Vera Gel but if you can't find it, you can replace it with Glycerin.

Put 165 ml (5.58 oz) of alcohol in a container (if there is no way to measure in oz use 11 tablespoons of alcohol), it may already be the final container that you will use to dose, add also 75 ml (2.54 oz) of Aloe Vera Gel (5 tablespoons), add 6 to 8 drops of Vitamin E and finally add 10 drops of your On Guard Essential Oil or Tea Tree or Peppermint or Lemongrass.

Summary of the quantities of the mixture:

  • 165 ml of alcohol (11 tablespoons)
  • 75 ml of Aloe Vera Gel (5 tablespoons)
  • 6 to 8 drops of Vitamin E
  • 10 drops of one of the essential oils we mentioned

It's ready! You can enjoy a disinfectant that is not only effective but also very pleasant to the skin! As the alcohol is diluted in this solution with aloe vera, the total alcohol content is 63%. So it is perfectly adequate since 60% is the amount recommended by the health authorities.

If you want to make more, just keep the same proportion!

On Guard spray desinfectant

If you prefer a mixture already made see also On Guard Hand Purifying Disinfectant , eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and other germs, don't leave your hands sticky and does not leave them dry. We have had some in stock even though it has temporarily sold out a few times.

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