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How to benefit from stones and crystals, cleaning and energizing processes

How to benefit from stones and crystals, cleaning and energizing processes

Before using your new stone

Stones and crystals act by emitting energy at different vibration frequencies that facilitate and enhance natural processes such as healing, spiritual elevation, relaxation, manifestation of prosperity, love, purification, etc.

Being an energy transmitter it is important that before using it, it is prepared in such a way that its vibration remains strong and without energetic interference from the process and places it passed through until reaching you, that's why it is so important cleaning and energizing the stone, as well as its own use.

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There are several processes to clean and energize your stones, however, it is necessary to take into account the type of stone in question to better enhance its vibration. Here are some simple execution processes, from which you can choose the most suitable depending on the type of stone you want to clean and energize.

Step 1: Clean up

Cleaning with sea salt

Place the stone over a small portion of sea salt, if you want you can even cover it with salt, and leave it like this for at least 24 hours, it may be longer, but don't leave it forever "forgotten" inside the salt.

Cleaning with smoke

Light a natural incense, palo-santo or sage, hold the stone with one hand and create circular movements, clockwise, so that the stone receives this smoke.

Cleaning under running water

Leave the stone under running water, tap or if possible river, for 2 to 3 minutes; you can also leave it in the rain for a few hours.

Step 2: Energize

To energize your stone you must take into account its main elements (earth, fire, air or water).

Earth element stones

You can bury them in the garden or pot with plants for at least 24 hours.

Fire element stones

Put them near the light of a candle or let them receive sunlight for a few minutes, before midday or at sunset.

Air element stones

Use smoke to clean them. Use incense, sage, rosewood or cedar or make a sound bath with Tibetan bowls, rattles or bells.

Water element stones

Leave them on the window sill at full moon exposure during the night.

Advice for Use

After using the stone, you can and should repeat this process regularly (at least twice a month), so that your stone is always in the best condition.

It is advisable to keep the stone in contact with the skin, anywhere on the body.

It is important to remember that crystals do not work by themselves, but help to tune in those who use them.

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