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Diffuser necklaces, why doesn't Bem&star Essencial sell them?

Diffuser necklaces, why doesn't Bem&star Essencial sell them?

You have probably seen it on sale and you may even have bought one, we are talking about the diffuser necklaces or aromatic that are for sale in some natural stores or other.

These necklaces are usually made up of a pendant, either metallic or ceramic, and as a general rule they either have small disks of standard cotton that can be changed or else they have a hole to insert a cotton with 1 to 2 drops of essential oil.

The Applications & Aromatherapy

It is important to remember briefly how aromatherapy works. The therapeutic use of essential oils goes through 3 fundamental types of use / application, Topical (on the skin), Aromatic (in the air) and in the case of dōTERRA essential oils as well Internally (ingestion). If you want to know more about the application methods of essential oils read this article.

So by topical application we mean to use the oil on the skin, whether pure or diluted oils. The aromatic application involves using a ultrasonic diffuser (never use candle burner that deteriorate oil compounds through heat). And internally, ingesting for example within dōTERRA Vegetable Capsules.

So Bem&star Essencial does not sell this type of necklace, why?

Essential oils are highly volatile substances, which means that in contact with the air they evaporate relatively quickly. For this reason, the benefits of putting an essential oil in a cotton or filter, and using it as a necklace that you will have on your chest are very doubtful.

The aroma of essential oils can be divided into 3 notes, this nomenclature was borrowed from the manufacture of perfumery, and although the therapeutic possibilities of aromatherapy far outweigh the mere perfume of the oil, it is important to remember that these 3 notes categorize the speed of access that our system has to the molecules while inhaling the oil.

We have the

  • top notes (lighter molecules)
  • middle notes
  • base notes (heavier molecules)

When inhaling properly an oil we will be smelling the top notes (beginning), over time the middle notes (between the beginning and the end of the aroma) and the base notes (the final aroma before completely evaporating).

In this case the notes are also equivalent to saying = the molecules of the oils. After all, we focus on therapeutic content and not just perfume.

We can then describe that the fastest notes / molecules to reach the brain are the top notes / molecules, then the middle ones, until they reach the base notes / molecules.

The top notes are the ones that evaporate faster and therefore the ones that get to our olfactory system and brain faster when inhaled correctly.

For this very reason! To make a correct inhalation of an essential oil, you should put 1 to 2 drops on your hands, promptly rub them, and then immediately cup them around the nose and inhale deeply. From here we can repeat the process, rub our hands, make a shell and inhale. And each time we do this, we will have access, as time goes by, to the middle notes and base notes of the oil.

When using the necklace the fact is that after applying the oil to the cotton, you go to work or go for a walk on the street, in practice you end up quickly dispersing the aroma of the oils in the air, losing much of its therapeutic effect. The inhalation you are going to do is passive and the necklace being too far from the olfactory system results in little to no benefit.

In addition, a good essential oil by itself evaporates quickly, except for oils with have more base notes (heavier molecules), such as Vetiver, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, the more in contact with cotton, in that case the evaporation speed increases when compared to the skin. When applying the essential oil to our skin, it mixes with the natural oil present in the dermis resulting in a longer perfume.

perfume natural óleos essenciais

But now you say:

But the necklace could be used as perfume!

If you want to use essential oils as a perfume forget the necklace and use the oil directly on your skin, diluted or pure the oil on your skin has benefits because it enters the bloodstream directly. In the case of necklaces as the oil is placed on cotton/filter and not in the hands, access to the top notes is practically lost while inhaling, but also access to the therapy that the oil has to offer topically.

Just to have an example, a study (1) done with Lavender Oil revealed that just 15 minutes after the beginning of an abdominal massage with 2% Lavender and 98% Peanut oil, it was already possible to see traces of the main compounds of this oil linalool and linalyl acetate in the bloodstream.

Our dōTERRA essential oils are so good that if you want to have a natural perfume, follow this advice, use the oils as a perfume by applying them directly to your skin. This way you keep your perfume and all the therapeutic benefits!

1- Jager W, Buchbauer G, Jirovetz L, Fritzer M. Percutaneous absorption of lavender oil from a massage oil. J Soc Cosmet Chem. 1992; 43 (1): 49-54.

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