compostagem produtos biológicos e biodegradáveis

Composting food scraps? Sure! But what about products?

Composting food scraps? Sure! But what about products?

Nowadays, there is more and more talk about composting and especially domestic composting. Composting in apartments is certainly not as easy as for those who have a home, but it is still possible! Composting for those who do not know yet, is the act of accumulating organic materials (paper, bread, green and brown leaves, fruit and vegetable scraps, etc.) in a container or box. These materials in turn become useful soil with the help of several precious microorganisms that occur naturally in these conditions and with some humidity in favor. These organisms are responsible for the decomposition and transformation of organic matter into useful and fertile soil ready to generate new fruits and vegetables.

Why compost?

Because about 40% of our waste is organic but ends up going to the landfill when it could actually help create fertile soil. Furthermore, in landfills, they contribute to the tonnes of methane released into the atmosphere annually.

compostable products

If the organic materials you may have are an obvious addition to your compost bin, we want to tell you that there are biodegradable products that can also be placed in the composter.

It is for example the case of some of the products you find in our store, Bem&star Essencial. We have been betting more and more on promoting these ecological options to our customers. We believe that these can make a difference when most of us adopt these types of solutions.

We have for example Bamboo swabs, the swab stick is made of bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world with astonishing record growing times as well as direct impact on carbon capturing, some bamboo species have up to 30% greater capacity to capture CO2 than the same area with trees.

You can also find the famous yellow multipurpose kitchen cloths, all the same as the ones you have at home but ecological and compostable. These cloths are made of cotton, wood pulp and linseed and are 100% natural and an ecological alternative to have at home. At the end of its life, it can be composted or disposed of in common garbage without any damage to the environment.

produtos compostagem compostaveis compostar biodegradáveis

And the famous sponges, the ones that let several microplastics escape into our water network?

So! As a replacement we have Luffas for the toughest dishes but we also have these Biodegradable sponges. Sustainably made with wood pulp, cotton and linseed. They are especially useful for household chores, good for cleaning countertops and tables, bathrooms and even for washing dishes that are easier to clean.

All these items that we talked about, when they are at the end of their life, you can add them to your composting! So we can move towards a more transparent world in which the objects of use are integrated back on earth and then have another function. The times of consuming without wanting to see the trail of pollution that we leave behind us are over. The time has come to evolve and choose the green product!

Thank you for changing your choices to eco-friendly products! We have a mission to find products that do the same as conventional ones but are sustainable and responsible for the environment.

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