how to use my points and get discounts

How can I use Bem&star Essencial points to get discounts on my purchases?

How can I use Bem&star Essencial points to get discounts on my purchases?

If you are our customer then you should already know that you earn points for every purchase you make with us! So you know that you always receive part of your money back in the form of points that you can then exchange for $ in a future purchase.

Points are automatically awarded as soon as you buy something from our store! To use them you will need to have an active customer account.

So let's start our step-by-step. To see how many points you have is very simple and you can do it from your phone or your computer/tablet.

Step 1 - Access your Points

In the bottom right corner click on "Points".


Step 2 - Log into your Essential Wellbeing account. If you do not have an account, register, only those who are registered can use and accumulate points.

create account or sign-in



Step 3 - After signing into your account, click Points again, you now have access to more options. Click on "Use my points".

click use my points

Step 4 - Choose one of the discounts you have available, based on your number of points.

That's how you exchange your points for discounts!

pontos como usar

Step 5 - To access your discount code click on "Redeem"

points how to redeem them

Step 6 - The code is generated and now you just have to click "Use code"!

You can then do your shopping as usual and the coupon will be automatically added to your checkout and provide you with your discount.

use coupon points

Do you have questions or problems with your points?

Any questions you may have, please contact us by email at

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